Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sad about the Holidazzles (and scrapbooking)

I am still making major progress on the 8 calendars I am making for loved ones for Christmas. They are done through July. I am so excited. I just made a Youtube video that talks a bit about them, and shares them. I couldn't sleep tonight. We went to Holiday World (area amusement park) and I did something to comepletely mess up my right foot. It had what I thought was cramps while swimming today, but I can still barely move my toes and it was throbbing so much I couldn't sleep (even after taking a prescription painkiller). The good news is it means I made a video.

On the note of Holiday World - any of my friends from this area know the park well, I am sure. So, a couple of years ago we caught a show in the theater right at the very front of the park with these characters they called the "Holidazzles" say want you want about them, yes I know they were corny or cheesy, or whatever, but the show was cuteand origonal, it really caught kids attention and the song was extremely catchy and memorable (I can still sing part of it - ok???)SO, ANYWAY......we went back today, and I want to make sure to catch the Holidazzles to see a new updated act. (BTW - you can see the song I am talking about on YouTube - search HoliDazzles and the poster is HoliBlogger) First, they are no longer in the theater up front - apparently Santa took it over for pics with kiddos (whatever), they now perform in Holidog town. This made me somewhat skeptical, but I was willing to give them a chance, so we went to watch the show at 11:30 when the guide siad they performed and - NO SHOW.....the kids played in Holidog town anyway, and were about to leave when we realized it was almost time for the next show so we stayed around to see. They did perform, but all they did was dance to some canned music. No singing, and although they were decent dancers, the dances weren't incredible. And their costumes were mostly very dissapointing. Halloween and July 4th looked cute and dazzling, even, but the other 2 needed work. and worst of all - no Holidazzles song! - super bummed.....I am totally writing to wasn't that the ladies did badly, it's just a sad representation (because of a sad use of their characters) of what was something really cute!

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