Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No more procrastinating!

I'm so proud of myself that:

1 - I am done with my last Ivy Tech class except for just taking the final (doing that on Friday)

2 - I am actually remembering to post on my blog

3 - I made my blog all pretty (like it?)

4 - I have an AMAZING start on the calendars I give as Christmas gifts each year. I already have almost 5 months done on them. The earliest I have even started them before is like October. There are 8 of them, so it takes me quite a bit of time, even though i try to keep the designs fairly simple. (sharing some pics below)

Now I just have to make my ATC cards for this month's swap and figure out what fun thing to do with my kiddies on my day off today. It will either have to be indoors or I will have to wear a shirt, because I am super sunburned from taking them to the pool 2 days ago.