Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belated info about Chicago trip

Ok, so the last weekend in July/first weekend in August we went to Chicago. Yes, I know we get to go there all the time because Tommy lives there, but this time was special because our "excuse" was something I really wanted to do - a crafting convention called CHA. Jason and I both got a little extra time off work, and so we left Evansville Thursday night, and the 5 of us (Joyce went along with us) drove to Tommy and Libby's.

I had purchased my ticket for the convention in advance, but it didn't open until noon, so we hung out at Tommy and Libby's for a little bit and Jason went to his knife store. Tommy had to go to work, but everyone else was headed to Ikea, so they said they would give me a ride to my convention. We decided to try Superdawg for lunch first, and it was very interesting. Then it was off to convention for me (they dropped me off, and Jason was going to pick me up later). I had the best time. I did a bunch of make and takes and met so many people. The best parts were meeting Julie McGuffy from Scrapbook Memories on PBS (who I forgot to get an autograph or picture of - duh) and then meeting Robyn Cardon (My Pink Stamper) and Karlee! While I was meeting Robyn and karlee at the Custom Crafts booth, I even won a cricut cartridge! (Summer in Paris). I didn't get to see everything, I tried to see more by skipping some of the really long waits (like the cricut booth - which I really ended up only getting to see in passing). Unfortunately, I know that mean I might have missed some good stuff, but I didn't want to get stuck spending my whole day in just one booth, either! I did waid a pretty long time for an ATC make and take at the Michael's booth with Bernie Berlin, but I really got alot out of that, and it was well worth it.

Then, at about 6:30, I noticed I had missed a couple of messages. When I checked it was Jason and Joyce saying they were close by and one their way back into the city, but were stuck in traffic, so if I was ready they would stop and get me. I called them back and let them know I really wasn't ready yet - So I kept on looking. Another hour or so passed and Jason called back and to let me know he would not be coming back out to get me because of the traffic. So now it was after 7:00, starting to get dark and I was going to have to walk over a mile to the train station. I'll admit I was a little anoyed because I didn't know when Joyce had called earlier I was supposed to understand that meant that jason was not going to be coming back like he had said he would. So I left the convention and started walking to the train. I had a bit of difficulty figuring out how to buy my ticket and I was very dehydrated by the time i got there, but it wasn't too bad other than that. I also did have to make Jason meet me at the station by Tommy and Libby's house because I can never figure out which exit to take when I get off the train. I was really proud of my ability as a small town girl to just be able to jump on a train by myself.

The next day with Libby we went to lunch at a place called Heaven on Seven and I think it might be the best cajun food to be found outside New Orleans (and probably better than some you would find IN New Orleans, even) I was a little bummed that I was way to full to even try dessert, I would have loved to try some of their bread budding. Jason also bought me an Absinthe (sp?) there, which I had always wanted to try. While I am very glad I tried it - it is not something I will ever be ordering again. It made my tummy churn the entire rest of the day - I thought I was going to throw up, of course that might have partially been the angry shrimp. And then, AND THEN.....Jason drove me to Windy City Scrapbooking because although I had fun at CHA, it wasn't a real "buy a whole bunch of stuff" kind of thing for me, since most of the vendors that had stuff for sale semmes to be stamps, and I just don't stamp THAT much. So, I was just really thrilled to find a new store, which is always exciting, but this store was just awesome, I can't believe I have been without ut all this time!

(and the next day on the way home we stopped at Al's and I finally got to try an Italian Beef)

I have to say these last few trips to the Windy City have just been incredible......I can't wait to go back honestly.