Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blasphemy and BS

Ever feel like the world around you has gone totally batty?  Yeah.

Got passed over for a promotion.  They are filling the empty desk of my former work BFF with evil, I haven't scrap booked in over a week, and even my scrappy message board that I love has drama for the first time since it was created over 6 months ago.

Maybe I need to do something crafty.  Maybe I need to drink more.  Maybe it's the holidays.  Oh heck, who knows?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Early August Update

I've actually been able to make a few scrapbook pages in August.  July got so busy and I got almost nothing done, other than working 120 hours in 2 weeks!

It's calmed down a little bit now at work.  I did put my name in for a promotion yesterday, and I'm super nervous.  I'm pretty sure I won't get it, but at least I tried.

Also, today I filmed and am currently uploading my first YouTube video.  Look me up!  (I'm Shawnlyn72 on YouTube)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Earned the blog name today!

My typical craft purchase is $10 or under – on a big day $20.

The other day, I went into M’s when I was totally broke, and of course found a bunch of cute stuff.  So, I promised myself that when payday came (which is the payday for the TON of overtime I worked the last couple weeks) I would splurge and get some of the cute things.  So, here is my crafty bounty!

First, I went CRAZY in the dollar section (1stphoto)

Then, I found some cute  and useful clearance (2nd photo).

The things not pictured are:

-          Maggie Homes/Crate paper pad (I used a 40% off J’s coupon)

-          2 acrylic pencil boxes for the kiddies (for school – they can decorate)

-          Sn@p letters – because I have wanted them ever since I saw them

-          Some yellow patterned paper because I have very little in my stash that is yellow, and I’m trying to use more of that color

-          A package of recollection back to school papers in 4 1/2x 6 ½ size to use for the calendars I make, and some Bazzill cardstock that coordinates

And that’s it!!!!  I spent $62!!!!  I got great deals, but I NEVER spend that much!  I truly went wild (also the name of my blog)….which felt GREAT, actually since I woke up with really horrible cramps and a horrific migraine!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wild, wild week

So, this was one of the most exhausting weeks EVER!  I worked 70.5 hours at work taking back to back calls all week and including at least 2 of our call center's busiest days ever! 

Today, Sunday, 7/21 is my first day off in 13 days.  So I stayed up late last night, I made the 1st scrapbook page I had made in almost 2 weeks. 

This morning I stayed in bed until almost 11, then went and grabbed lunch for me and the kiddos, and we are just relaxing.  Maybe drive-in later, but that depends on the weather.  I also have to get my daughter's Shutterfly album from Florida created. 

So that's pretty much my day.  Happy Sunday, all!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So, it's an exciting time.  I guess it always is.  My desprtment at work just moved across town to a new building, the bank just bought 24 branches of a VERY LARGE bank (Bank of America), and that conversion is about a month away.  I've been asked to supervise some of the temps they are brining in.  All vey exciting work stuff.

My birthday is tomorrow.  I'll be 41.  I really don't feel that old, and can't imagine it.  Oh well.  I'm off work, so me and the little man are going to try to do something fun. 

We leave for Florida as soon as I get off work on Friday.  Exciting, but lots to do.  Really, we are going to pick up D who spent a week in Bradenton with scouts, and then a week with my parent's, who movedto North Ft. Myers last year.  I hven't seen their house yet, so i'm excited about that.

I also finally finished my bachelor's degree in May, and am trying to figure out where to finish.  The good news is that I am feeling so super creative lately.  I have 6 months of calendar pages completely done already, and have completed almost 100 scrapbook pages/projects/cards just since I got out of school.....I have scrapped more in thepast 2 months that I had in the past 2 years.  It makes me feel so,