Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrapbook shopping

Ok, so someone just asked me what my favorite scrapbook store is, and while that should be a simple question, for me it isn't - once i'd written my answer, I decided it would make a pretty good blog post.

First let me say that I am a very frugal scrapbook shopper. Actually I am just a frugal scrapper, period. Even though that is the case, I have a whole lot of stuff, and more accumulating all the time.

As for specific stores, I think they nearly all have something to offer. Michaels has great sales and coupons and is a great resource for the basics (adhesives, trimmer blades, storage). Hobby Lobby probably has the most paper, and I love it when they have all of it 50% off (like the giant pile I bought tonight). Joann's is my least favorite of the "big" stores, but only because checking out takes FOREVER, and they have the smallest scrapbook section by far - but still occasionally great deals, and it about the only place I ever buy "stacks".

But honestly, I prefer to shop at locally owned stores when I can, and here I will say The Corner Crop is my favorite. Mostly because it just feels like home, and I feel like a part of it. If you remember the show Cheers, I feel like the "Norm" at the Corner Crop. My second here is Doodlebug, but it is a close second, and would be even closer if it weren't an hour drive. I really enjoy the great job these smaller stores do of always having things that our new and different, and a sure standout in that area is Schmitt Photo. Unfortunately, the prices there just seem alot higher than anywhere else to me. I've been to the owensboro store once, but wouldn't make a special trip to go back.

Speaking of travelling that is my favorite - finding stores on the road. We try to travel often, and I always like to explore the local stores. I will almost always beg to stop at any Archiver's we were near (if I had to pick one overall favorite - they are it) I also really like stopping at Jeffery Alans in Terre Haute. I've also been lucky enough recently to visit amazing stores in both Chicago and Cincinnati, to which I will certainly return. Of course, I have also bought a few things online, mostly for big projects like Christmas cards, or for Cricut cartridges.

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